The law firm of Brandenburg & Associates Co., LPA has extensive experience assisting clients in the Springboro, Ohio area with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Overwhelming debt can prevent a person from reaching his or her goals and enjoying a full life. Bankruptcy is not a solution for everyone. When you contact our firm, the first step we take is to help you decide whether bankruptcy is the appropriate solution for you. Once you decide this is a course of action you wish to pursue, our attorneys will assist you with the bankruptcy process to help you eliminate or significantly reduce your debt.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is known as liquidation because it relieves most of a person’s debt while allowing the trustee to liquidate non-exempt assets . Most people who are eligible for Chapter 7 do not have any non-exempt assets and consequently will not lose any personal property.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy puts an immediate end to

  • Wage garnishment;
  • Bank account levies; and
  • Creditor harassment.

Chapter 13

For people who are in debt but own significant assets, such as real estate or investments, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a better option. It allows a debtor to hold onto his or her property as long regular payments are made to creditors.

Pre-Bankruptcy Planning

Proper planning for bankruptcy is essential. By taking certain steps before filing for bankruptcy, a debtor can maximize the chances of a full recovery. Our bankruptcy lawyers will strongly advise you on what it takes to achieve this objective. We will help guide you through this difficult process.

Please also review our Bankruptcy Form.

If you need assistance with filing for bankruptcy, contact the law offices of Brandenburg & Associates Co., LPA at 937-748-1004.